We are excited to share this great new device for the home…….the e5 Relay.

Easy to install and simple to operate, the e5 Relay uses your home or apartment’s existing wiring and the convenience of your wall switch, that’s it!

Pictured here is our first operational prototype.  We have a transmitter and two receivers which allows us to control multiple appliances from a flip of our switch.  Enhancing the Home Environment.

The concept behind this product is very straightforward: Plug the transmitter into the receptacle that is controlled by your wall switch.  Then plug the receiver into any other power outlet in the room and connect the appliance you wish to control into the receiver.  Now, you have the function of the wall switch relaying the control that appliance.  It is that easy.

Another great feature about this device is that it is expandable – any number of receivers can be paired to a single transmitter.  This gives the homeowner the ability to control multiple appliances anywhere in a room – or within a house – all within range of the transmitter.

Convenient Living Made Easy.