Our Mission

At e5 Global Innovations, we believe in a world where home automation is easy, secure and free of the planned obsolescence that is pre-packaged in so many of our consumer electronics products.  Our product pipeline includes simple, plug & play devices that help you expand and control your light switch.

By giving homeowners more control, we empower them to live a brighter life.  By expanding the function of the wall switch, we utilize existing technology that is engrained in our daily activities to automate lighting.  We do these things using products that require no internet connection, no battery, no software update.

Our products will never crash, shutdown or become obsolete.  We expect our products to be quickly assimilated into our customers lives.

Simplicity………..as Easy as a Flip of the Switch

Check out how easy the e5 Relay is

and what it can do for your home!

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